The KYGO Pet of the Week: Brian

By kygo on September 19, 2019

What’s up? The name’s Brian! I’m a very handsome, 1-year-old, Pointer and Hound mix that weighs about 50 pounds. I was brought to the MaxFund all the way from New Mexico in hopes of finding my forever home. I originally found myself at a local shelter in NM when my owners surrendered me due to how high energy I was. I have been in plenty of playgroups with multiple dogs and have been described as a “high energy but appropriate player and seems very respectful of other dog’s body language.” I tend to have short bursts of energy, laying down in between play sessions. I’ve hung out in the office in the past and will get myself in trouble if I don’t have enough to do or if I don’t get tired out before going in there. So make sure to doggy proof the place before taking me home! That’s the curiosity of a Hound for ya! The shelter I was taken from also let the MaxFund know that I have a grade 4/6 heart murmur. The MaxFund medical staff has done more digging around on this and requires me to only have short walks and for my energy to be kept on the lower side as it’ll trigger my heart murmur.

I am extremely smart and food motivated but am still working on self-control. I know “sit” and have been working on “down” and can learn tons more if you dedicate some training time with me everyday to make me the best well-behaved boy. It’s unknown how I do with cats and children. If you have others living in the home, please bring ’em in to see how we all get along! This includes dogs! Like I mentioned before, I do have some energy, so if you have toddlers at home, I may be too much for them. I’m very sweet but may not realize my size and would do better with children 10 and older. If you have a kitty cat, the staff here can arrange for me to have a cat test and decide whether or not I would do well sharing a home with one. Must I say more? I bet I’ve won you over by just my picture alone! Come on by and visit me to get to know me better! You will not regret it!

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