The KYGO Pet of the Week: Bob Magoo

By kygo on August 1, 2019

Hello there! I’m Bob Magoo, a handsome husky/lab mix born in October of 2016. I weigh around 62 pounds.

My previous owner unfortunately was unable to keep me, but I made my way to MaxFund to find my forever home! I have lived with dogs and cats in the past, but if you have any brothers or sisters for me to meet I would love to do so to make sure we all get along! I can be picky with my fur friends so better be safe than sorry. Oh and I also love kids!

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m quite the looker. I have a big giant head that is the perfect size for a loving embrace. (I love hugs) I also have these tiny little paws that are just silly in comparison to my large head! People like to joke with me and say that I would make a lovely ballet dancer. I don’t disagree though, I’m quite graceful and regal. There is a saying that the ‘eyes are the windows to the soul.’ When you look into mine, I hope you can see how incredibly sweet I am and that I have so much to offer.

Although snuggling is pretty high on my priority list, it’s also important that I go home with someone who keeps me active. I’m an energetic dude and will thrive in lively environment! I’m very much an outdoorsman in the way that I love participating in outdoor adventures! Hikes, jogs, runs,-you name it! But, hey! That’s the husky in me! On a scale of 1-10, my energy is at a 10.5! So please keep in mind that I would do so much better in a home with a yard than an apartment. I’m not a fan of being alone at all and may let out some of those husky howls begging for you to come back. I’m still catching onto my basic commands and training so I will be looking to you for guidance on how to be my best possible me. I’m eager to please and very bright so training should be a fun bonding experience for the both of us.

I am available for adoption at Maxfund. 

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