The KYGO Pet of the Week: Splinter

By kygo on November 14, 2019

What’s up friends! I’m Splinter! I’m a 7-month-old, male, Labrador and Great Dane puppy that’s on the lookout for his FURever home! I’m a big boy weighing at 55 lbs. and I’m only going to get bigger. I’m a very friendly pup towards other dogs (small and large) and I’m a fan of children as well. I’m crate trained and housebroken too! Don’t I sound like a great companion? I am still a puppy so you must know that I still have a lot more to learn than just going potty outdoors. I enjoy my toys a lot but can be a sneaky guy and tend to like nibbling on other items such as shoes. I may be young, but I am brimming with personality. Because I am still a puppy, you’ll need to be prepared for the things that come with puppyhood. Whether I grow up to be a first-rate canine citizen is directly dependent on the effort that my new family puts in. It’s my ambition to be the best canine citizen ever, so I’d like a family whose ambitions match mine!

Do you have the time and patience to teach me the things I need to know? Will you be around most of the time, so I don’t get lonely or bored? Will you watch me carefully, so I don’t chew up your shoes, electrical cords, or furniture? Will you make sure that I’m never in a yard unattended? Will you forgive my occasional “accidents” ? Will you take me through Puppy Kindergarten? Will you give me the best in nutritious foods, so that I’ll grow up healthy and strong? Will you give me lots of walks and supervised play and exercise?

Most importantly, will you love me, forever and ever and ever? I know this sounds like a tall order, but believe me, I will make it worth your while! What are you waiting for? Visit me today!

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