The Government Has Banned Those Silly CDOT Highway Signs in Colorado

By Shawn Patrick on January 15, 2024

Is this something that really needs to stop, or are a few grouches just ruining the fun? 

The federal government is ordering states, including Colorado, to stop putting funny messages on highway signs.  We’re talking about the light-up ones that normally say things like, “Buckle Up” or “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

Studies have shown that messages that include humor or pop culture references can be good, because you’re more likely to remember them.  Some states even let you submit your own ideas.

But the Department of Transportation claims they can also be dangerous, take longer to read, and cause crashes because of distracted driving.  They can also confuse people.

The feds recently updated their 1,100-page manual and said states have two years to comply with the new regulation and stop posting funny messages.

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