The First Quiznos Location Closed on Capital Hill in Denver

By Shawn Patrick on April 14, 2023
Photo By Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Images

I have to be honest with you, even as a Colorado native, I had no idea that Quiznos Subs started in Colorado. I found out because the very first Quiznos sadly just closed.

The original Quiznos at 1275 Grant Street, opened in 1981. The store got so busy they invented the conveyor belt oven. Eventually the original owners, who grew the business to 17 locations, would sell the business, and it would grow to over 4,000 stores worldwide, making it the fastest growing franchise in the country for quite some time.

In 2006, Quiznos was again sold, this time to JP Morgan Chase. Since then, the chain has shrunk dramatically. Now, there are only around 300 stores left, most of which are located in the Philippines.

Although closed for now, the original location on Capital Hill could be back at some point. It’s currently covered in notices about the non-payment of taxes, though the company said that it plans to find a new franchisee to take it over.



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