The Denver Animal Shelter is Reducing Adoption Fees All August

By Shawn Patrick on August 3, 2023
Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

If you’ve thought about adopting a new furry family member, August may be the perfect time to do it in Denver. 

Throughout August, the Denver Animal Shelter (DAS) discounts all adoptions by almost $100 along with free spay/neuter surgery, microchip, vaccines and a one-year license.

The goal is to reduce the number of pets in the shelter. As of now, there are almost 100 and counting dogs and cats available for adoption.

For this month only, all dogs are $50 and all cats are $30, while regular adoption prices are $150 for adult dogs, $95 for adult cats, $170 for puppies and $110 for kittens.

Check out the DAS website to look at all the dogs, cats and other animals waiting for a forever home.

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