The Crazy Horse Monument Looks Just Like Former Denver Bronco Peyton Manning

By Shawn Patrick on October 6, 2023

Let me start this article by saying I have the utmost respect for Native American culture and all of the people who are and have been behind creating the masterpiece that is the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the past 74 plus years. However, every time I see pictures of the monument popup I see a man famous for playing football in Colorado. 

The monument that has been a work in progress since 1948, and if completed, the sculpture will depict the Native American warrior, Crazy Horse, on his horse and pointing to his tribal land below, which the Oglala sub-tribe he led considered sacred.

His head is currently the only finished part of the sculpture, and in it’s current state, it looks just like Peyton Manning!! 

And although Peyton Manning is an icon for playing a game, Crazy Horse is a hero to Native American people who he fought for to save their land, way of life, and innocent lives. Obviously very deserving of a giant monument in the side of a mountain. 

Plan a trip to see the monument here. 

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