The Colorado Rockies are the Latest Major League Baseball Team to Extend Alcohol Sales at Games

By Shawn Patrick on April 13, 2023
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Major League Baseball made several changes this year, including the “pitch clock,” which has drastically shortened game times.

Nine-inning games are down 31 MINUTES, from an average of three hours, nine minutes last year, to two hours, 38 minutes this year.  This is the fastest average time since 1984.

Most people seem to like the changes, but there’s one problem:  Shorter, faster games mean there’s less opportunity for fans to spend money at the ballpark, on concessions, merchandise, and of course beer.

Historically, teams have stopped selling alcohol after the seventh inning, but teams have already pushed that back to after the EIGHTH inning now. The latest to do it, our Colorado Rockies.

The change to alcohol sales will start on April 17, when the Rockies face the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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