The Chris Watts Murder House in Colorado Finally Sold

By Shawn Patrick on November 22, 2022
Photo by Lewis Geyer/Digital First Media Group/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images

It was one of the saddest/most horrific crimes committed in Colorado ever, so needless to say people weren’t rushing to move into the house where Chris Watts murdered his family. Yet it seems with a little time and maybe a discount a family has made the move into the notorious Frederick, Colorado home.

The home that has sat empty since the arrest of Watts in August of 2018 went on the auction block in 2019 with no takers. Then it was reported that the 4,177-square-foot four bedroom, five bathroom home was secretly listed last spring under a fictitious address on realty website, Rocket Homes.

To keep true crime fans from showing up in droves, Rocket Homes said there would be “limited showings” and potential buyers needed proof of funds.

Now it sounds like a family fit the criteria and was willing to live with the baggage the house comes with, as a friend of one of my friends on social media recently shared photos and an announcement that her and her family had purchased and moved in.

Out of respect for the new owners’ privacy I will not share their names or photos, but I do wish them peace and happiness in what must be an odd situation.

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