The Band Perry announces creative break as a group

By Big Mic on March 27, 2023
Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Today on The Band Perry’s Instagram account, they announced that they would be taking a creative break as a group.  The group which was composed of the siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry became a group in 2005 and were actually discovered by Garth Brooks manager Bob Doyle who helped them get their first record deal.  It’s been almost a decade since they released their sophomore album Pioneer in 2013 so many of the responses in the comments were not surprised by the announcement. In regards to what’s next for the trio,  Kimberly took to her Instagram with 9 pictures/posts creating a whole image with what seems like a message indicating something is coming this Spring.  Reid shared a post saying he cant wait to show you everything thats happening.  And as of this post Neil has not posted anything addressing the move or upcoming plans.



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