Thawing turkey in fridge? Probably time to put it in soon

By Big Mic on November 20, 2023
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching Thursday and if you’re responsible for the usual main event meal, that being the turkey of course, please do your family and friends a favor and not mess it up!  If you only have a smaller turkey under 12 lbs you still have until tomorrow to put it in the fridge to thaw, but if its 12lbs today is the day to throw it in!   If you’re having a bigger turkey over 16 lbs, only thawing your turkey in the fridge is probably out of the question.  

Fortunately there are other faster methods you can use including the cold water method, which the USDA recommends 30 minutes of soaking in cold water per pound of turkey.  But make sure its cold water and not warm because that can cause bacteria to to grow.  Just make sure you wrap the turkey in a plastic bag and put it in a container big enough to hold the turkey and change the water and rotate the turkey every 30 minutes.  

Even shorter on time?  Well….cook it frozen!   You can absolutely cook a frozen turkey, however you should know it will take 50% more time!  

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