Wendy’s to test dynamic pricing on its menu

By Big Mic on February 27, 2024

Wendy’s is taking a page out of the ride share playbook and will be testing “dynamic pricing” which could result in different pricing on some of your favorite menu items at different times of the day.

In one of Wendy’s recent conference calls, their CEO noted that as early as 2025 they will begin what they call “enhanced features like dynamic pricing and daypart offerings” and will also be instituting “AI-enabled changes and suggestive selling.”

To help accommodate this change, Wendy’s will be investing around $20 million to have digital menu boards at all of their US restaurants by the end of 2025. 

While this may worry many consumers who are already facing higher than normal food costs across the board, a Wendy’s spokesperson told The Washington Post that this will also provide “value” during slower parts of the day which may suggest that prices may not only surge, but also go down as well.  

The company has further clarified that they “will not implement surge pricing,” and that the dynamic pricing will not be used to raise prices would be exclusively used to offer discounts.

They also released some “sweet” news announcing that Wendy’s will new Cinnabon Pull-Apart bread is now available nationwide for breakfast.  And to celebrate 4 years of Wendy’s serving breakfast, they are offering a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart on Leap Day this Thursday February 29th!  

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