Supposedly Coors Field in Denver HAs the Cheapest Beer in Major League Baseball

By Shawn Patrick on April 6, 2023
Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Something I never think of when it comes to going to professional sporting events… Cheap beer! However, according to one study the beer at Coors Field in Denver is actually pretty fairly priced!

The average cost of a beer at Coors Field is $3, according to, an online casino and betting website. That’s the average which tells me there is beer even cheaper than $3 at Coors Field. Having gone to the ballpark many times, I sincerely ask, “where?”

Maybe the cheap beer is a new thing this season as the Rockies are among the teams experts think have the best chance to be the worst in the MLB this season.

In case you were wondering, a beer at Citi Field in New York costs an average of $12, the most expensive according to the study.

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