Starting Sunday, Coloradans Will Have to Wait Three Days to Purchase Guns

By Shawn Patrick on September 28, 2023
Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

I am not a political guy, and I do not write political blogs. This is simply a newsflash to people in Colorado that starting Sunday (October 1st) buying firearms in Colorado will change quite a bit… 

A new state law will go in to effect that will require gun sellers to wait three days to deliver a gun to a purchaser, or wait for an approved background check if the check takes longer than three days. Colorado legislators passed the law in April. 

Proponents say delaying access to firearms is meant to prevent impulsive acts of violence, including suicides. 

Opponents argue the new law violates the constitutional right to bear arms. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners sued to block enforcement of the three-day waiting period, but a judge declined to bar the law in August.


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