Someone pushed over a porta-potty at a Denver park with a man inside

By Shawn Patrick on February 5, 2024

If I were to wish things on my worst enemy, being in a porta-potty when it gets tipped over would probably be high on the list… Otherwise I’d wish the experience on no one. Sadly, recently it happened to a man in Denver. 

A man told 9News that he was on his daily walk Thursday afternoon, when he stopped to use a porta-potty at Hallack Park in Denver. After he got in to do his business it started to move and he knew something wasn’t right, so he started to yell. Unfortunately, the yelling didn’t do any good and the toilet got tipped. 

There’s no word on whether or not he threw up with all the nastiness all over the place, but on a serious not, he was injured. The man’s back was hurt during the fall, but thankfully not seriously. 

On another positive note a couple of good samaritans were able to help the man out of the toilet, but sadly no one knows for sure who did the tipping or why. 


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