Someone Pawned a Used Coffin at a Denver Pawn Shop

By Shawn Patrick on November 3, 2022
Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

You can pawn anything that has value, and here is proof of that. However, I have soooooo many questions about a pawned casket in Denver.

KDVR did a story about people using pawn shops more than ever right now because of inflation, and in the article they mentioned that one person even pawned a used coffin at Pasternack’s Pawnshop in Aurora. They say that as of when the article was published, the casket was still available for $499.

But why/how? I didn’t even know used coffins were a thing… Like, why would they ever become unused? Seems like once they’re used that would be a permanent thing, right? So did someone dig one up and dispose of what was inside? Did the person inside become undead and no longer need it? Someone please explain!!!

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