Some Denver Broncos’ fans are calling for the team to bring Tim Tebow back

By Shawn Patrick on March 12, 2024

Before I catch all the heat that is bound to come on social media with a headline like this one, I tell you that I, and most Denver Broncos’ fans, who have mentioned bringing Tim Tebow back are just being silly… 

That being said, all Tebow did while he was the Broncos quarterback was the remarkable as a guy that most thought had no chance to be a pro quarterback. Sure, his record as the team’s QB was 10-13, and he only threw for a measly 2,383 yards and 17 touchdowns… But he did something in 23 games for the Broncos that they haven’t done in the last seven seasons now. He went to and won a playoff game! 

He also brought a ton of excitement to a team that otherwise had nothing going for them. Those two Tebow years in 2010 and 2011 will forever be some of my favorite as a fan. 

Now I will get realistic and tell you that if Sean Payton disliked Russell Wilson, he would HATE Tebow, who is basically just a worse version of Wilson. So there is a zero percent chance this ever happens, but as the world sits back and watches to see who the next Broncos QB will be, it’s fun to bring up, right? 

Now let the keyboard warriors commence! 

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