Snots Is Not Your Friend

By Sheena on December 27, 2019

It should go without saying… but I’ll say it anyway… PLEASE DON’T PET THE WILDLIFE!

Snots the bull elk is many things. He’s impressive, majestic and a staple in Estes Park. One of his favorite places to hang out is in front of a grocery store in town. But don’t be mistaken by his mostly chill demeanor. He is still a wild animal.

Recently Snots was posted up in his usual spot, minding his own business, when a woman decided she would try to pet him. *insert eye roll* Thankfully Snots was in a good mood and it was a mostly uneventful incident. Nevertheless, this could have turned bad fast and the animal would’ve been the one to pay. This woman was lucky.

I know we all have a lapse in judgement from time to time… especially in the social media age. However, we have remember that it’s dangerous and in many cases illegal to approach wild animals (let alone boop them on the nose). Please, admire our beautiful wildlife from a distance.

-Sheena | Weekdays 10A-2P

Snots is not amused by you lady:

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