SMC: Luke Combs Makes Good For Florida Fan

By Sheena on December 13, 2023
Luke Combs wasted no time in helping a Florida fan being sued for $250,000.

Luke Combs was madder than a wet hen when he found out one of his fans was being sued! Combs explained the situation in an early morning post.

A woman in Florida, named Nicol Harness, was selling homemade Luke Combs tumblers. Miss Nicol has congestive heart failure and can’t work a regular nine to five job. So, she runs an Amazon store to supplement her income. Now, because her homemade tumblers are technically “unauthorized merchandise”, she was slapped with a $250,000 lawsuit and ordered to stop selling the tumblers. 

Luke Combs happen to be up and about early this morning. He caught a news report about Miss Nicol’s situation and wasted no time in trying to make it right. According to Combs, his manager confirmed they have a litigation company on retainer that looks for merchants selling counterfeit merchandise. However, they are only supposed to be targeting large-scale operations, typically seen oversees. Unfortunately, Miss Nicol was caught in the cross-hairs with the sale of her tumblers online. 

Thankfully, Combs was able to personally contact Miss Nicol and explain the situation. He apologized profusely and made her several promises. First, he would send her $11,000 – double the amount that is currently frozen in her Amazon account. Second, he is going to release a line of authorized tumblers today. Then, Combs will send the tumbler proceeds to Miss Nicol. Lastly, Combs invited the Harness family to an upcoming show. Combs wants to give Miss Nicol a hug and apologize in person. 

This is another shining example of why we love country music so much. We are lucky to have such down-to-earth folks who appreciate their fans like this. 

-Sheena 10 AM – 2 PM

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