Should The Broncos Sign Colorado Native Phillip Lindsay?

By Shawn Patrick on October 3, 2022
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

I don’t bring this up simply because I have two Phillip Lindsay Broncos jerseys hanging in my closet, although it would be nice when it comes to that too. I bring this up because I think it’s not only realistic, but a good move for the Denver Broncos!

The former Bronco and Colorado native, Lindsay, doesn’t currently have work in the NFL, and the Broncos just lost their best running back in Javonte Williams for the season. Melvin Gordon cannot seem to hold onto the ball, and oh by the way, Lindsey has a total of ZERO fumbles in his entire career.

To add a little fuel to this rumor fire, Lindsay was “liking” a bunch of Denver Broncos Tweets this weekend.

At this point what can it hurt to bring the Colorado boy home?!

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