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By Sheena on November 27, 2023
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – JUNE 09: Keith Urban performs on stage during day two of CMA Fest 2023 at Nissan Stadium on June 09, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

Keith Urban’s rise to fame took some time and a hard look inward. Urban first rose up through the musical ranks in Australia. At the time, he was at a genre crossroads – was he country or rock? The question had stunted Urban’s musical growth. However, it was John Mellencamp that ultimately helped Urban push past the musical roadblock.

The Fighter singer explained that Mellencamp is one of his major influences. When Keith heard Mellencamp’s evolution from American Fool to Scarecrow to Lonesome Jubilee, he had an “ah ha” moment. The answer to his ultimate question: “Don’t think about genre or anything. Just pull all the things you love and make your [musical] gumbo.” With Urban’s inner struggle solved, he went on to conquer the US country music charts and launch his career into the stratosphere!

Btw, Urban did not have a backup career. It was going to be music or nothing – which, he admits, would have likely led him down a path to incarceration.

Miss LeAnn Rimes has also made a candid career confession recently. Similar to Urban, Miss LeAnn has been performing practically all her life. She began entering talent competitions at age five, appearing on TV by age eight, then steadily rising to superstar from age 13. The Blue singer admits that her abnormal childhood would ultimately affect her career. She was constantly performing, pressured to be perfect all the time and played referee to squabbling parents. It was this ingrained idea of perfection that eventually led her to develop stage fright. It wasn’t until she checked herself into rehab that she was able to unravel years of trauma she carried with her. She is now able to combat her stage fright and has found joy in music and performing. 


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