Semitrucks may soon be banned from using the left lane on I-70 in Colorado’s mountains

By Shawn Patrick on February 1, 2024

Let me start this article by saying that I love, respect, and value America’s truckdrivers. TO me they are one of the most underrated professions there is… But how would you feel if we banned them from slowing traffic on I70 in the Colorado mountains by prohibiting them from using the left lane? 

Senate Bill 100 would be prohibit commercial vehicles, most notably semitrucks, from traveling in the left lane on Interstate 70 between Morrison and Glenwood Springs. The bill would only offer an exception for a semi passing a vehicle traveling below the posted speed limit… Whish is really the only reason they are ever over there anyway, right? 

The bill was assigned to the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee. Its first hearing hasn’t been scheduled yet.


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