Sean Payton Has Banned Bucket Hats for the Denver Broncos During the Preseason

By Shawn Patrick on August 8, 2023
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Last year there were seemly no rules for the Denver Broncos during training camp and the preseason under coach Nathaniel Hackett. So maybe this is just a bit of an overcorrection… 

Sean Payton will coach his first preseason game as Head Coach of the Broncos on Friday when Denver plays the Arizona Cardinals, and he has implemented some “interesting rules.” 

The four rules, none of which have anything to do with football, are as follows:

1. Players must take off their uniforms after they are done playing.
2. They are not allowed to wear sunglasses.
3. Bucket hats (or as Payton called them: Gilligan hats) are strictly forbidden.
4. Players, regardless of status, are not allowed to take interviews during the game.

I get that the team culture, or lack thereof, needed some work, but this seems like a little much, right? 

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