Restaurants open in Denver Christmas Day

By Big Mic on December 22, 2023
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

While many will be enjoying Christmas lunch and dinner with family and friends with homecooked meals, many may not have that on the agenda and are interested in which restaurants will be open in Denver Christmas Day.  Fortunately there are quite a few options available, though, some you may want to try and get a reservation booked up!  Here are some options around town (make sure you double check as times can change.) 

Denny’s : Like Tim Allen says in The Santa Clause…they’re always open!  Most locations are open 24 hours but you can check a location near you by clicking here

IHOP:  Much like Denny’s, many locations are open 24 hours!  To confirm a location near you, click here

Red Lobster: Believe it or not if you want some seafood and delicious biscuits, many Red Lobster locations will be open 11a-6pm!  To check times or book reservations, click here

Many Brazilian steakhouses will be open Christmas Day for all the meat options and typically some seasonal holiday items but reservations are recommended.  

Also several steakhouses will be open around town:

Black Bear Diner : Click Here

Want to switch things up with a little Italian?  Chianti Ristorante Italiano & Venice Ristorante will be open, Click here

Want to get The Christmas Story feels and get some Asian dining? John Holly’s is a Christmas favorite:  Click here

These are just a few options out there, but definitely make sure you stay fed and have an amazing Christmas weekend!  

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