Pilot nearly gets his foot eaten off by a moving walkway at the Denver airport

By Shawn Patrick on February 2, 2024

My five-year-old kid is always super nervous on escalators because he’s afraid it’ll suck him in if he doesn’t step off at the right time… And after hearing about what happened recently at Denver International Airport, maybe e’s actually on to something! 

An airline pilot who nearly lost his foot while walking through the airport on one of the moving walkways. He says his foot was “swallowed” by a gap in the machine. The pilot’s shoe came off and his sock got stuck in the machinery. 

Luckily no limbs were lost, but the pilot said he had to miss work due to foot and shoulder injuries. The pilot also claims to have suffered emotional distress and mental anguish because of the incident.

Now he’s suing the company he says maintains the moving walkways. 

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