Over 1,000 Personalized Colorado License Plate Were Rejected Last Year – Here They Are

By Shawn Patrick on January 19, 2024

Some people like to standout a bit on the road and pay extra to get their license plate personalized, but you can’t just put anything on there. The Colorado DMV rejected over 1,000 personalized plates in 2023. 

It is worth noting that they accepted over 60,000 too. 

Coloradans can personalize many of the state’s 218 license plates at an additional cost of $60 on top of regular fees, but you cannot use things like “OMGWTF,” “B4LLER,” or “MILFY.” Those were among the more than 1,000 requests that were added to the offensive-omit list, which the DMV uses to automatically reject most foul, lewd or rude requests.

Here’s all of the rejected requests… 


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