One Colorado City is Among the Best Places in America to Survive Zombies

By Shawn Patrick on September 21, 2022
Photo by Frank Molter/picture alliance via Getty Images

As we creep into the spooky season there will be a lot of talk about goblins, ghouls, and ZOMBIES!! Good news about the latter though, Colorado has a city that is really good to be in if they were ever to become a reality.

I must say I  am still a little weirded out that the CDC has a page on their website dedicated to a zombie apocalypse. They say it’s a joke, and is just to have you prepared for anything, but maybe they know something we don’t. If so, Fort Collins, CO isn’t a bad place to be!

The website Lawn Love did a study to find out which American cities would be best for surviving a zombie attack, and Fort Collins was the highest in Colorado, and 8th overall.

They looked at 23 key indicators of zombie-preparedness — from the share of the living population in good health to the share of available homes with basements to hunting-gear access.

See the full list here.

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