Of 50 states Colorado has been hit hardest by this kind of inflation

By Elizabeth Weiler on August 10, 2023
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Denver, CO — Undoubtably, across America, different industries are being hit by inflation. Especially restaurants. As it turns out, of all 50 states, Colorado has been hit the hardest by restaurant inflation according to USA Today. 

The study conducted by USA Today took into account data from the U.S. Census Bureau (USCB). According to the data, a monthly average of $222 spent on eating food from a restaurant.

Suprisingly, people are actually eating out less, however they are spending 6% more than last year. 

The top five states were determined by USA Today by taking the USCB data on expenditures per consumer in two-week increments. 

Here is what they found: 

  • Colorado: Increased 24% from $91.45 to $112.95.
  • Arizona: Increased 23% from $96.68 to $118.54.
  • Wisconsin: Increased 21% from $75.15 to $91.16.
  • Arkansas: Increased 21% from $84.35 to $102.09.
  • Nevada: Increased 21% from $97.10 to $117.03.

However, as USA Today notes, this does not mean these states are spening the most money. It just means the prices have been inflated the most.

Specifically, these states spend the most:

  • Hawaii: Spending of $149.36.
  • California: Spending of $140.29.
  • Georgia: Spending of $122.75.
  • New York: Spending of $121.20.
  • Texas: Spending of $120.13.

Finally, USA Today claims only 5 states had no change or a decrease in spending:

  • Alaska: Decreased 6% from $98 to $92.29.
  • Tennessee: Decreased 5% from $104.17 to $98.56.
  • Hawaii: Decreased 3% from $154.22 to $149.36.
  • Florida: Decreased 2% from $109.65 to $107.72.
  • Mississippi: Decreased 0%, with a minute change of $102.28 to $102.37.

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