Not so fast… Russell Wilson says his Denver house, ‘ain’t for sale’

By Shawn Patrick on February 26, 2024

Earlier this month I (and others) reported that Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara had quietly put their Denver-area house up for sale… Well either that was incorrect or Russ is lying. 

Wilson appeared on the “I Am Athlete” podcast and YouTube show, hosted by former Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall this weekend and Marshall asked Wilson about his home, and if it will be sold. “My house ain’t for sale,” Wilson responded. “It’s not on the market. People think I’m out of there, and maybe I am, but I’d love to go back.”

Wilson also told Marshall when asked where he’d like to play next season, “I hope it’s in Denver. I want to finish there.” Wilson continued, “I committed there and I want to be there. I love the city and everything else. I’ve got amazing teammates. But for me, it’s about winning.”

According to, the Cherry Hills Village home is marked as “off the market.” 

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