New to Colorado? Here is why many will keep their lights up through January 21st

By Big Mic on December 27, 2023
(Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images)

Denver, CO – Now that Christmas is all wrapped up, many of you will soon begin the process of taking down the Christmas lights from your home.  But if you’re new here to Colorado, in a few weeks you may be asking why many people still have their lights up. 

Are they lazy? Did they forget?  

More likely they are celebrating a tradition dating back over 100 years ago in 1922 where people leave their Christmas lights up until the end of the National Western Stock Show which this year will be January 21st! 

According to 9News, the custom started in 1922 when Christmas lights began being hung at the Denver City and County Building and further in the 1940’s when officials encouraged people to leave their lights up to welcome visitors.

Whether you want to celebrate the tradition or just hold on to the holiday spirit a few weeks longer, make sure you get out to the National Western Stock Show between January 6th-21st!  They have a full line up of events and activities and you can check their schedule out by clicking here



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