Judd Sisters at U2 Concert, Keith Urban Early Career Moment | Music City Minute

By Sheena on March 8, 2024

Miss Wynonna and Ashley Judd had some sister bonding time recently. The Judd sisters took a trip to Las Vegas see their (quote, unquote) favorite band, U2, perform at the new Sphere venue. Miss Wy posted several videos of the girls dancing and singing along. I would say, the cutest video, was of Miss Ashley leaning over and giving Miss Wy a kiss on the cheek. Glad to see the Judd girls let their hair down and just be fans for the night, together.

On a completely different note, Keith Urban has opened up about his worst day in country music. It was actually years ago, before he really hit it big. He was embarking on a big radio tour. He shows up to the scheduled radio station, the manager tells Urban to go and set up in the conference room and everyone will be along shortly. Urban opens the door and there is a legit meeting going on. He turns red, shuts the door, and tells the manager “Let’s do this a different time.” However, no, the manager insists he set up… even escorting Urban back into the room, like a parent escorting a child. After the meeting, he did play a few songs, but he said it was one of the strangest moments in his career.

I’m Sheena and that’s your Music City Minute. 

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