Dolly teams up with Pitbull, Vince Gill once opened for KISS | Music City Minute

By Sheena on March 5, 2024
There is very surprising, Latin/ hip-hop/ pop, collaboration that we didn’t know we needed. Miss Dolly Parton and Pitbull teamed up for a new song called Powerful Women, which is a salute to working-class mothers. The melody is a sample of Miss Dolly’s, 9 to 5, with a hip-hop/ Latin spin… but the country legend’s contributions don’t end there. Miss Dolly raps several verses and provided a fresh recording of the chorus from 9 to 5 for the new song. 
Vince Gill is a country music icon.  But before his career really took off, his Oklahoma bluegrass band opened for… KISS! Back in 1976, Mountain Smoke was asked last minute if they could come down to the Civic Center and open for the night’s headliner. They get to the venue and the marquee says, “KISS appearing tonight!” The whole band thought, “Ain’t no way we’re opening for THEM?!” But in fact, they were and it went about as well as you’d think it would. They only got through about two and a half songs before they realized there was going to be riot if they didn’t leave the stage. Vince Gill shared that his mom still has the newspaper clipping that confirms the wild story. 
I’m Sheena and that’s your Music City Minute. 

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