Luke Combs birthday celebration, Carrie celebrates her 9 yr old birthday | Music City Minute

By Sheena on March 4, 2024
Luke Combs turned thirty-four over the weekend and birthday celebrations did not disappoint – especially the gift he received from his wife, Miss Nicole. In his Instagram stories he posted a picture of the very unique gift… Fredrico the Cowboy Squirrel. It is quite literally a taxidermied squirrel, with a tiny cowboy hat and reigns that is riding a grouse. I feel like this is some sort of inside joke that we, the audience, are not privy to.  However, it is great to see this couple have such a fun sense of humor. 
Speaking of another birthday boy, Miss Carrie Underwood’s eldest son, Isaiah just turned nine. To mark the occasion, Miss Carrie planned a whole day around one of Isaiah’s favorite hobbies, Taekwondo. They celebrated his birthday at their local dojo. Miss Carries even commissioned a beautiful, two-tiered cake that featured multiple-colored Taekwondo belts, the ATA Martial Arts logo and of course Isaiah’s name. To literally top it all off, the cute molded cake-topper resembled Isaiah, dressed in a dobok, in the midst of a high kick. 
I’m Sheena and that’s your Music City Minute. 

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