Music City Minute | February 27, 2024 – Riley Green’s duck hunting skills, Kasey Musgraves’ new candle

By Sheena on February 27, 2024

Riley Green is fairly well known in the country community for his duck hunting skills. While talking about his recent collaboration with Jelly Roll, Copenhagen in a Cadillac, he was asked if he would ever take Jelly hunting with him. Riley replied with a not-so-straight-face, “Ya know, he’s a pretty jovial guy, and kind of out loud. So, I don’t know if he can be still and quiet long enough. I just don’t think it’s for him.”

Miss Kasey Musgraves is getting ready to release her fifth studio album, Deeper Well. She really wants her fans to have a full body experience while listening to her music. So, she teamed up with Boy Smells candle company to create the (quote, unquote) scent scape of the album. According to the press release, they incorporated “earthy, gourmand notes of mushroom, beetroot, oak moss and damp patchouli as well as the freshness of eucalyptus, raspberry and lavender.” (So… basically, it’s going to smell like a Gwenyth Paltrow – Goop wellness retreat, at the bottom of Tennessee holler with a Widespread Panic show upstream.) Miss Kasey’s highfalutin candle will run you fifty-six bucks. It’s on sale now at boy-smells-dot-com. It will also be available in retail stores like Sephora starting in April. 

I’m Sheena and that’s your KYGO Music City Minute.


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