Motorcycle YouTuber’s Video Of High Speed Trip From Colorado Springs To Denver Goes Viral

By Shawn Patrick on October 6, 2023
Photo by Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images

There are speeders on I-25 all the time, but one high-speed motorcycle ride from Colorado Springs to Denver is generating thousands of views on YouTube.

The video posted earlier this week shows a motorcycle rider getting onto I-25 in Colorado Springs and accelerating to speeds of up to 170 miles an hour.

The rider weaves between cars and trucks, traveling back and forth across three lanes of traffic before rolling into the outskirts of Denver about 20 minutes later. It takes most drivers an hour or more to complete the trip, as the maximum speed limit along the way is 75 miles an hour.

Many commenters congratulated the rider for his skill in making the high-speed ride, though some criticized him for risky behavior that put himself and others at risk.

See the video here…

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