Predicts the Colorado Rockies Will Win the World Series… In 2033

By Shawn Patrick on January 15, 2024
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Saying the Colorado Rockies and the World Series in the same sentence feels laughable after the team just had the worst season in franchise history, and have done pretty much nothing to get better this offseason, but experts think they’ll be the best team in baseball within the next ten years… 

Last week, released predictions for the next 10 World Series matchups, and they have the Rockies beating the Angels for the title in 2033.

The story’s writer, Will Leitch, didn’t go into great detail about the prediction, other than to say “it’s gonna be the Rockies’ time at some point” to win a championship.

Maybe they know something we don’t about the current Rockies lackluster ownership selling the team to someone who cares about winning?? 

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