Trisha Yearwood Is My Spirit Animal

By Sheena on April 15, 2019

Is there anything this woman doesn’t do? Music, cooking, writing, acting, retail… she is fire!

And now, she’s bringing back vinyl for our listening pleasure!

Trisha Yearwood posted a Facebook live video on Saturday, April 14th for #RecordStoreDay2019. She announced her latest album, Let’s Be Frank, has been pressed for a wide vinyl release!

I love artists that support local record stores. There was a time when record stores were the center of the universe for music lovers. Miss Trisha shared a great story about visiting her favorite store and buying albums when she was growing up.

That’s not all Miss Trisha talked about though. She is working on a line of furniture that will feature a record cabinet. Oh, and Mr. Yearwood showed up and dropped a bomb! Miss Trisha is working on a country album as 👏 we 👏 speak👏.

I wish I knew how this amazing woman does it all. She accomplishes so much in the same time it takes me to put pants on. Please teach me your ways oh glorious one!

-Sheena | Weekdays 10A-2P




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