Sheena’s Midday Communiqué

By Sheena on November 13, 2023
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – OCTOBER 26: Lainey Wilson performs at Nashville Municipal Auditorium on October 26, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Keith Griner/Getty Images)

Miss Lainey Wilson has teamed up with Stanley to create a small batch artist series tumbler. The Limited Edition 40 Oz tumbler is called “Country Gold.” It’s a beautiful golden sparkle tumbler with a light maroon lid that gives DISCO! It’s definitely “on brand” Lainey Wilson. These tumblers are going to be a very hot item. Miss Lainey’s last Stanley collaboration “Watermelon Moonshine” cup sold out in 11 minutes. “Country Gold” goes on sale 11/14 at 10 AM Mountain Time. Click here to see the new tumbler and get on the ‘notify me” list. 



Speaking of collaborations, Bailey Zimmerman has teamed up with the Jonas Brothers for a new song called “Strong Enough.” I like how Bailey’s raspy vocals blend really well with the three brothers. Lyrically, “Strong Enough” is your typical living in the moment pop song about being young, only living once and making the night last forever. All the parties had a great time recording together and it turns out Bailey is bit of a Jonas fan boy. Click here to enjoy the full song. I foresee “Strong Enough” being THE BOP of next summer. 

-Sheena 10 a – 2 p

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