Mike Rowe Says the ‘Dirtiest Episode of Dirty Jobs’ Recently Happened in Colorado

By Shawn Patrick on January 23, 2023
Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call via Getty Images

If you ever watch Dirty Jobs on the Discovery network, you know that it would take a lot to make the host, Mike Rowe, say a visit was the “dirtiest,” but a recent Colorado visit had him saying exactly that.

Rowe took to¬†Facebook on January 15 to promote a Dirty Jobs episode featuring Berthoud, Colorado’s Biochar Now, a company that creates a product, similar to charcoal, as an agricultural amendment placed into the soil to increase fertility, saying “Yes – this is in fact the dirtiest episode of Dirty Jobs ever filmed.”

The Biochar Now episode can be seen on Dirty Jobs season 10, episode 5, which aired on Discovery on January 15. Find out how to watch a rerun of the episode at Dirty Jobs on Discovery.


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