McDonald’s Big Mac Sauce Coming in Dipping Form

By Big Mic on April 21, 2023
(Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images)

If you’ve ever ordered a Big Mac from McDonald’s and thought to yourself “I really wish I could dip my fries in that sauce” then you are in luck as McDonald’s legendary sauce is going to become available in dipping form starting next week!

According to McDonald’s website, their Mac Sauce (or special sauce or secret sauce) will be available starting April 27th for a limited time.  However, the only way you’ll be able to get the dip cups is via the McDonald’s App. The sauce has been apart of the Big Mac experience since it debuted over 50 years ago in 1968, and will be available for free with the purchase of any Chicken McNuggets, but can be ordered a la carte for your dipping pleasure from hash browns, fries, burgers, or just pour it right into a McFlurry!  (okay, maybe not that one)

If you haven’t downloaded their app yet so that you can order the sauce, you definitely should as they have daily deals and discounts as well as McDonald’s rewards you can redeem for free food!  Get the download information by clicking here.


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