LOOK – Denver Zoo Welcomes a New Baby Sloth

By Shawn Patrick on February 2, 2023
(Photo credit should read KLAUS-DIETMAR GABBERT/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

All baby animals are cute, but I am starting to think that baby sloths may be the cutest of them all. The Denver Zoo just welcomed its newest addition, a baby two-toed sloth, and I am smitten!

On Jan. 26, parents Charlotte and Elliot welcomed their baby, and a recent exam has confirmed both baby and mom are continuing to thrive in their habitat.

The birth is a conservation win for the famously slow-moving species, the zoo said. The Tropical Discovery animal care and veterinary medicine teams worked hard to provide specialized care throughout Charlotte’s pregnancy to ensure both mom and baby were healthy.

Charlotte has access to the public-facing part of their treetop habitat, so visitors may be able see the two bonding.

The gender of the baby has not been determined yet. A DNA sample taken during a neonatal exam will be used to determine the little one’s sex, according to the zoo.

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