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By Sheena on October 24, 2019
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Let’s face it. Bad habits are easy because they don’t require any work. Just thinking about adopting good habits can cause a massive amount of anxiety. I’m mean, what if I try and fail… again.

I’m really trying to not let those poisonous thoughts invade my thinking and feeling though. Now that I have a teenage son who wants to pursue sports, it’s inspired me to not only encourage his goals but set some of my own. You see, my youngest son has is dad’s body type and will stay perpetually lean. My eldest son was “blessed” with my body type. Which means, we have to work a lot harder to achieve a lean physique. It sucks, a lot.

Now I want to be clear that I’m not pushing my eldest to share my goals or setting any for him. That’s his job. Also, we aren’t doing any crazy calorie counting or cutting. I recognize he’s still growing and changing and that type of pressure is not healthy physically or mentally. I mean, a hungry teenager can be grumpy but a “HANGRY” teenager is a monster I’d like to stay elusive.

In the long run, I hope we will be able to support each other, learn to make better choices and hold each other accountable. If one of us falls off the wagon, the other will be there to offer a hand (and then promptly golf clap). And even though my youngest son doesn’t have to work at fitness, like at all, he still benefits from running, jumping and playing. Honestly, he shows all of us that “fitness” doesn’t have to be stale. It can be as fun as throwing a football,¬†hopping on the swings (I love swings BTW) or climbing that rope spider web thingy at the park.

Most of all, (cue reflective music) I genuinely enjoy hanging out with my kids. I know there will be a day when mom isn’t cool anymore. But that day isn’t today.

And on that note, here is an actual video of me at the gym.

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