Kellie Pickler Gets Pranked by Ellen DeGeneres … and a Geisha

By Fizz on September 27, 2016

Nearly a month away from Halloween, Ellen DeGeneres is getting screams out of her guests each day on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Her latest victim? Kellie Pickler.

As Pickler was explaining how charming her recent visit to Japan was, she had no idea what DeGeneres had in store.

“I always feel like it’s respectful to try to learn as much of the language as you can, so I’m pretty fluent in Japanese now,” the country singer says in the above clip. “Well, I know the most important word is kanpai, which means cheers.”

She then tells DeGeneres that at one point during her trip, she dressed as a geisha as a photo was displayed on the screen behind her. As the two look at the image of Pickler in a kimono, a man dressed as a geisha jumps out from a side table and the singer gives a loud scream, backing into her chair and looking extremely frightened.

“Oh my god, what the hell was that? Holy heavens,” Pickler exclaims, grabbing her chest.

This isn’t the first time DeGeneres has scared a country star — not even this month. Pickler’s fellow American Idol alum Carrie Underwood was the victim of DeGeneres’ frightful game when she was on the show for the 10th time in mid-September.

The hilarious host revealed a photo from 10 years ago of the two stars as they commented about how much their style has improved since then.

“Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” Underwood said, slightly embarrassed at her post-Idol look. As the photo faded, a man dressed like Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher in his hockey uniform jumped out giving the singer a good scare.

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