Joe Exotic Has Filed to Challenge Biden in Colorado Democratic Primary

By Shawn Patrick on June 15, 2023
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for ReedPop

I was flipping through Netflix the other night and ran across “Tiger King,” and it got me to thinking that we haven’t heard from Joe Exotic for a long time… He’s back, and Colorado is who he is targeting!!

The “Tiger King” star has filed to appear on his first state ballot against President Biden in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary, and it’s in Colorado.

The 60-year-old, who is campaigning from federal prison, sent a $500 check on Monday to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office in order to appear on the state’s Super Tuesday ballot.

Exotic, whose real last name is Maldonado, told The New York Post that he hopes to appeal to rural and libertarian-minded Democrats in the state with unusual campaign pledges including requiring all federal candidates to spend 30 days in prison before they take office.

“I just signed and notarized my papers for the state of Colorado,” Exotic said in an interview from his prison in Fort Worth, Texas. “So I’m confirmed on that ballot.”

Exotic would be the first openly gay president and the first elected from prison, where he’s serving a 21-year sentence for allegedly scheming to kill Carole Baskin and violating wildlife laws.

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