Jason Aldean’s son hits a milestone and Dierks Bentley’s identity is mistaken | Music City Minute

By Sheena on March 15, 2024

Oh, the joys of childhood. Do you remember losing your first tooth? Did you do something wacky like tying floss to your tooth, then around a doorknob and swing the door shut? Well, Jason and Brittany Aldean went through their first tooth-loss experience with their son, Memphis. According to Brittany, it went…awesome? Apparently, Memphis got real upset, looking into the mirror and seeing the space where his tooth used to live. However, those feelings quickly passed and he was back to smiling again – presumably after mom and dad told him how much money he would be getting from the tooth fairy. 

Dierks Bentley and Chase Rice look so much alike, they could pass as brothers. Hilariously, Chase has been mistaken for Dierks, many times over. Well, the roles were reversed recently. Dierks was at a restaurant with his kid. Some folks thought they recognized him and asked to take a photo. Of course, he obliged, and then found out everyone thought he was Chase. He was super polite and did not correct anybody. Later, he sent the photos to his doppelgänger, and Chase said it made his whole day!

I’m Sheena and that’s your Music City Minute. 

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