It’s not everyday there’s a loose emu in Colorado, but today there was

By Shawn Patrick on March 5, 2024

According to Wikipedia, the emu is a species of flightless bird endemic to Australia, where it is the largest native bird… In other words, unless you’re at a zoo you’re likely not going to see emu in Colorado. So I bet animal control was a little surprised when they got called about a loose one today, right? 

Weld County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officers responded to a report of an “ostrich in the roadway” earlier today (Mar 5th). 

The “ostrich” turned out to be an emu who was out wandering in the area of Weld County Road 76 and County Road 33. County animal control officers were able to capture and contain the bird, and safely hold the emu in a nearby fenced residential yard, with permission from the owner.

A passerby was able to identify the emu’s owner as Andrew Leffler, who was notified and picked up his emu, who he said was named Buddy.

“We got lucky,” Leffler told WCSO officers after Buddy was safely loaded up in his trailer and the ordeal was over. “We are grateful Buddy is back home with his family, and Mr. Leffler allowed us to share this delightful story with you,” the sheriff’s office wrote in an Instagram post.


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