It’s National Selfie Day – Did You Know Denver Has a Selfie Museum

By Shawn Patrick on June 21, 2023
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Check your hair, find your light, and strike a post — National Selfie Day is today (June 21st). Did you know Denver has a whole museum dedicated to the selfie?

The Denver Selfie Museum is the first ever Original Selfie Museum in all of the United States!

They have a wide array of themed sets and art installations for you to take unforgettable pictures and capture your most precious moments. There are over 30 exhibits, each with its own artistic twist.

Located on Stout Street in downtown Denver, sandwiched between 15th and 16th Street on Stout Street “The ReNew apartment building,” the Denver Selfie Museum offers the convenience of a central location.

Grab tickets and more info about the Denver Selfie Museum here. 


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