It May Be Really Difficult to Watch the Colorado Rockies on TV This Season

By Shawn Patrick on February 27, 2023
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The good news here is if you’re unable to watch the Colorado Rockies on TV this upcoming season, you probably won’t be missing much… Plus we’re used to having trouble watching the home teams as the Avalanche and Nuggets haven’t been available to many cable subscribers for a few years now.

Warner Brothers and Discovery own all of the AT&T SportsNet regional sports networks, and this weekend, all the teams were alerted that Warner Brothers does not have the money to pay for TV rights for the season. Because they have no money, they want to give the rights back to the teams, and the teams can do with them what they want. Warner Brothers plans on transferring the rights back to the team on March 31st, about a week out from Opening Day. That gives the Rockies a week to get a new game plan into place with new rights holders. That’s only if someone wants to buy them. They’re currently worth about $40 Million a season, although the Rockies would probably take considerably less than that. TV rights usually make up about 15% of a teams budget, so expect the Monfort’s to figure out something before the season begins.

Warner Brothers/Discovery is looking at filing for bankruptcy this spring, just after the season begins. The other big rights holder across the country, Diamond Sports Group, more commonly known as Bally Sports is also looking at bankruptcy protections.

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