Is There a Fully Automated, No-Employee McDonald’s in Denver?

By Shawn Patrick on January 3, 2024
Lance McMillan/Toronto Star via Getty Images

I’ve recently watched a post on social media go viral showing Denver’s first “fully automated, no-employee” McDonald’s, but I’ve had trouble figuring out if it was a real thing or not. So, I did a little research…

The viral post from the Facebook page I’m From Denver shows pictures of the discussed McDonald’s, but offered no address or location. Many of the comments on the post questioned if this was actually in Denver, while others pointed out that the pictures may have been from a McDonald’s in Texas.

Although there’s not a ton of info on the internet, I did find one article on the website The Economic Times, and it seems to confirm the rumors of the employee-less restaurant in the Mile High City saying, “earlier this month, the world saw the first fully automated, no-employees McDonald’s outlet in Fort Worth, Texas. This was quickly followed by another robo-Mac outlet in Denver, Colorado. The bare-looking stores have ATM-like cash and credit card dispensers for payment, while the orders are taken, prepared and delivered by robotic arms.”

So where the heck is this mysterious, automatic, robot-manned McDonald’s?!

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