Is It Going to Snow on Halloween in Colorado?

By Shawn Patrick on October 25, 2023
(Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images)

It feels like it snows almost every Halloween in Denver, but it’s actually quite rare… Denver has had snow accumulation on Halloween only 16 times in 139 years, 12% of the time. The last time there was measurable snow was in 2002. So will that change this year? 

There is an active weather pattern that could bring Denver its first measurable snowfall of the season, and it could perhaps lead to a few flakes flying in time for Halloween.

The system is definitely bringing cold… Temperatures will drop into the 20s, maybe even the teens for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday mornings (and maybe longer). 

As for the snow, at this point, it looks like the snow could start as early as late Saturday. Snow looks likely across the Front Range, including the Denver area, by Sunday. That could last into Monday. With Halloween being on Tuesday, current projections have Denver being dry but cold, with temps in the 20s or 30s on Halloween night. 

As we all know, Colorado can change in a hurry though, so even though it looks unlikely right now, a snowy Halloween is still possible! 

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